Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alexis and I have been talking about making a blog for sometime and we finally decided to actually do it. We will post some pictures from different events to catch up since we are four months married (and 5 day.)

March 28th 2009 we were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

Since our marriage we stayed in Scottsdale for a couple of nights thanks to Hal and Wendy then drove to Idaho to make our new home together. We had a reception in Idaho for the Thompson side of the family and all our friends in Idaho and Utah to be able to share in this occasion with us.

I had been working for Fire Services of Idaho before we were married and my boss let Alexis come on a work trip up to the Grand Teton National Park. Alexis was later hired there and works as secretary there. This is a picture of the Grand Tetons and Alexis in the work van.

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