Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Mountain Biking Heat maps

I found this awesome website that let me compile a heat map of all the rides from 2014 that I did using Strava. You can find the website here (works for with your Strava data). Anyway, just wanted to post these screen shots up here. Not a lot of detail because I had to zoom out to capture all the area around Pocatello and Queen Creek that I had ridden. Here is to 2015 and even more rides!!

Pocatello 2014 rides
 Queen Creek 2014 rides

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Mountain Biking Goals

I have been working on a list of goals I wanted to achieve for 2015. Some of these involve mountain biking and I thought I would post them here to hold myself more accountable.

1) Enter and compete in a Mountain Biking Race.
2) Ride over 1000 trail miles
3) Climb over 200,000 feet elevation
4) Take my wife up City Creek

They are pretty simple goals. I believe if I stay dedicated I could easily get over 1,000 trail miles. I added the elevation part to make sure that my miles were actually trail miles, because road miles add up quick but usually don't give you much elevation gain.

2014 biking statistics according to Strava
63 total rides
598 total miles
84:05:44 total riding time
7.11 mi/hr average riding speed
81,686 ft total elevation
22 mi longest ride

I also added a Strava (the website I use to keep track of my rides) gadget on the bottom right of this site. I hope you enjoy.

These are some pictures from my ride up City Creek on Jan 1st.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we had Brittany and Phil Walker, some friends from Boise over. We met up with Abby and Greg Parke and took the kids through the pumpkin patch. Greg brought his camera and got some cool shots. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kitchen upgrades finally finished.

We have been working on getting our kitchen updated for sometime, a couple of months, and have finally completed it. Millennial Inc in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area did our cabinets! Phenomenal work, highly recommend these guys! We have had a lot of people tell us they wanted to see what it looks like so here are some pictures of before, the process and after. 

This is a picture of our kitchen before we started anything. We had updated the countertops and the backsplash earlier in the summer. 
 We removed the soffits and patched the walls up behind. My bike tire will forever live in this house now. 
 Brynn is always such a great helper. She loves to help mommy and daddy, and when it came to removing the old floor - no exception. 

 After we replaced the subfloor that had molded. All we have is a backsplash. 
 Millennial was busy putting the cabinets in to match our backsplash and reuse our old (new) countertops. 
 Cabinets in. Now we just need a new floor and appliances. This is a local Elm tree that they used to make these cabinets. They have a clear coat over them with some glazing in the corners to bring out the wood work. Very beautiful. 
 Everything is back together! So happy to have a kitchen again. 
 And we have our kitchen back. 
I was looking a back through the blog and found a kitchen picture when we first painted the cabinets white. This has the old backsplash and countertops, so it would resemble our kitchen at the beginning of the summer. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Leadore 2014


"This is a jam sandwich, a piece of bread jammed between two others."

The raccoons are amongst us. 

Look closely, we spotted a Sasquatch. 

This next group of photos is Logan riding my Magnum 500 down the rock slide to Devil's Lake. He rode it down and out like a boss, no problems. Save a lot of hiking!

Fishing with my buddy!

This is Alexis with the same hairstyle and even wearing the same shirt that she wore in 2007, the first time that we went to Leadore together!
7 years later and now there are 3 more of us. Good luck tying to get this group to all look at the camera. You pick your favorite. 

 Ya, Dad and I really did chop down a dead tree with an axe. A bit more work then we imagined but well worth it!

The ladies were having a dance off!

Stroud Lake. Not the biggest lake, but the mountain behind it makes it one of the most scenic in my mind!