Sunday, October 25, 2009


Saturday Morning we made APPLESAUCE!!! Greg picked apples in the morning while Alexis and Cindy started the whole process with Grandpa Thompson's apples. After Greg got back it was about ten in the morning and we spent the whole day cutting the apples and cooking them and making applesauce. It is really good sauce, we used mostly jonagolds and western grims with some old red delicoious and a few other varities. It made for some great sauce. Alexis went shopping but Cindy and Greg worked until 8 to make 46 jars of apple sauce in the end. We never got a picture of all the jars together.
The last one is Lindsay getting her hair done by her friend Tracy with Capone nesting on the back of the couch. That was after Alexis, Lindsay, and Tracy got back from their shopping spree.


  1. domestic man-goddess!

  2. Hey I resemble that remark! (well maybe not the goddess part.)