Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleep Talking

Before I got pregnant I would only sleep a couple hours a night, so I got to hear all of the crazy things Greg would say while he was sleeping. The funny thing is, when we were first married I thought he was awake when he would talk to me because he seemed so wide awake. Also, when he talks in his sleep he will ask questions and wait for my response. It didn't take too many times of him talking in his sleep before I realized he wasn't really awake, and I used to write the things he would say down in a book I kept by our bed. I was going through our things and found that book and was reading through it and thought I should post some :) I wish I would have written down more. . .

Greg: Where did Zack go?
Me: I pointed to the floor and said Over there (trying not to laugh)
Greg : patting the bed says, We need to make room for him, where is he? We need room or else where will he sleep?
Me: He is over there, he will be here soon just go back to bed.
Greg gets out of bed and walks to where I pointed and gets on his hands and knees patting the ground saying, NO he is not! Where did he go??
Greg: They all died.
Me: What?
Greg: Well you see, you put it all together, and cha ching! (slaps hands)...oh I am talking about things in my head, but thank you for hiding me when they came in.
Greg: What did you do with all of those pictures??
Me: Laughing
Greg: What are you laughing at? Did you draw on my face?
Greg: What's that all over her nose? . . .Al? Alex?
Me: What?
Greg: What's that all over her...oh well it's Roxy's problem hahaha
I was sitting up in bed for some reason and Greg was laying next to me on his back. He grabs me and pulls me to him, so I am laying across his chest, and says..
Hurry, hurry.. you have to get it.
Me: I have to get what?
Greg: You have to aim it! (at this point he is grabbing my knee trying to bend it in a way it wont bend)
Greg: You have to make it straight! Why won't it go straight?
Me: It's my knee, it only bends one way hahaha
Greg: Oh here I'll do it. You have to aim and then Chh Chh Beeww
He then started making all these noises and aiming my leg towards the wall as if he was shooting something.


  1. Those conversations are hilarious! That's great you recorded them.

  2. hahah this made me laugh soooo hard. I love this! I'm so glad you recorded them! My favorite is oh I'm just talking the things in my head but thanks for hiding me.. haha. Are there ever times that greg could explain the things he said later, like his dreams or something?

  3. LOL! OMGOSH! This is so funny! We were laughing SO hard!

  4. Lindsay-
    No Greg can never remember what he was talking about and sometimes thinks I am joking when I tell him the things that he says hahaha