Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, Greg is out of town this week for work and I am a lonely girl without him!! I already miss him a lot... and today is his first day gone, haha. Hopefully this week goes by quickly!! Today I rearranged the baby's room how I think I want it. I will post pictures sometime soon! Greg didn't know that I was going to work on it, so hopefully it is a good surprise to him!!! And hopefully he is not mad about the money I spent :p I put the twin bed in the nursery so when school is back in and the baby is up at night it wont wake Greg. He seems to be able to sleep through most things though! Last week I steam cleaned our carpets! That was a lot of work, but totally worth it : ) Today I went to the doctor and he said things look good. Vella is where she should be too, which is something I was worried about. Kinda seems like a silly thing to be worried about the baby being breech. I think it's because most of the horror stories I hear are about that. Well, it's bed time! I will post pictures soon!

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