Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things are going really well! Greg started school last week and he is pretty busy. He has a lot of time consuming classes this year! He is really smart so I know he will do well. Vella is getting big! It's incredible how fast she grows. She is so cute and so sweet! She is making a lot more noise and she is starting to reach for things. It's nice because she can keep herself entertained for longer periods of time so I am able to get more things accomplished. To those of you who don't know I figured out why Vella was so fussy. She is allergic to dairy! When she was 2 weeks old she would cry almost all day and all night and hardly ever sleep and lasted until she was about 9 weeks. I prayed for her all of the time that she would not be in pain and that I would be able to figure out how to help her. One morning I felt strongly impressed that it was dairy that was bothering her. So I stopped consuming dairy products and she became much happier! A few days later I wanted to be sure it was dairy so I ate soup that had milk in it and the whole night she was screaming again. It's rather hard to truly enjoy a baby who cries all the time. She has been so much easier and fun, and I have really been able to enjoy her. It's been hard for me to not eat cheese especially and a lot of foods have milk in it so i have to be careful, but she is so happy and it is totally worth it! Also, since I stopped consuming dairy she stopped projectile vomiting.
Lately she has been fighting falling asleep because she is so interested in things. It's pretty cute. She smiles a lot more now and I love it SO much!!! She won't smile for the camera though and it kinda bums me out. Everytime I get out the camera to take a picture she gets this serious look on her face, and won't smile for anything. She does this super cute pouty face when she is tired or upset and I love it so much. Am I a bad mom for loving that? It's just so darn cute. She sticks out her bottom lip and it's awesome.

She was smiling and I whipped out the camera really fast to try to catch it. It sort of worked.

This is the serious face she gets when I pull out the camera.

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  1. PRECIOUS!!!!! I'm so happy that she feels better! Yours is the second first time mom blog post I've read today that asks if you're a bad mom for liking the sad pouty face. :) I think you're not a bad mom.. it's so so cute and I always loved it too!! I love you guys! I'll eat lots of cheese in your name... hang on - breastfeeding doesn't last forever!!