Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates, Yo!

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Hey hey! So here's what's up with the Thompson Family.. For starters, Greg had an interview to get into the Pharmacy Program at ISU. He will hear back from them by the end of April. I hope he gets accepted! He is very busy with school. I have hardly seen him all week. He is gone all day and studies all night. I cannot wait until the weekend so I can hang out with him. He will probably want to play video games or ride his new dirtbike haha ;) Who can blame him. He is a busy guy!! He is such a great husband, daddy and provider. I am super lucky!
Vella is doing great. She is finally starting to talk more, which is exciting. We have been encouraging her to talk instead of signing and it is working. She is a lot of fun and so so sweet. Today I laid down on the floor by Mattix. She went to her room, came back with a blanket, laid it on me and patted my back. It was such a tender moment! She is also so good at sharing with Mattix. She even gives him her favorite books and toys. Sometimes she gives him things that she is not supposed to, haha. He hasn't got hurt yet, thank goodness! She also is quite the climber. She is tall, too, so she has an advantage. She has climbed on the counters, the kitchen table, the changing table and even over our booby trap to go down the stairs (which is not yet baby proof). Stinker!
Mattix is doing really well :) He is developing a little slower, but it is expected since he was born so early. He eats a lot and is huge! He is only a few pounds lighter than Vella and is almost off the charts for his weight! He is soo chunky and I love it. He has such a sweet spirit. He is so happy and usually smiling and laughing. Vella is still pretty rough with him and he takes it well because he knows she is playing. V's new thing is the try and climb in the bouncer with him LOL She will climb on top of him and smash him. He will look a little scared and wide eyed, but he will still laugh and smile at her. Vella also will growl at him, and he thinks it is hilarious. His laugh is the funniest thing. He is also a little rolly polly. Anytime I lay him down he takes off rolling, and boy he is a quick one!! He still wakes up every couple of hours at night. I feel like I haven't slept in two years. Vella woke up a lot, but slept through her first night when she was a year. Then Mattix was born and I got up multiple times a night all over again. I think I function rather well with little to no sleep actually, so that is a good thing! I would give a lot just to have one good night's rest! One day...
I am doing well, too. I usually don't know what to say when I talk about myself! Things have been kinda crazy. Vella AND Mattix have been teething for the last couple of months which means crying, fevers, diarrhea, runny noses and babies that just don't feel well. Not fun! It is hard to go out by myself with the kids because Mattix in his car seat is really heavy and hard to carry a long distance and I also usually have to carry V because if she is down she will run away. Craziness! Sometimes I feel like do the same thing every day and it is just me and my kids, but I try to keep myself busy and find new things to do around my house. It can feel lonely at times! I usually do really well with the stay at home mom thing, but this has been a rough week. I know it will pass, and it's really not too bad. I think that it's normal...right? I know I say this a lot, and maybe even some of you are sick of me saying this (if you are then maybe you shouldn't read our blog because I'll most likely say it again, haha ;)) but I'll say it again. I absolutely LOVE being a mom. I cannot even begin to explain the joy it brings me. It makes me want to be a better person. I am the happiest I have ever been ( aside from this little funk I am in). Anyways, I don't know what else to say about that besides being a mom is the best thing ever. All of the sacrifices I have made and make every day are totally worth it!
I started doing something totally awesome!! At least I think it is. I am donating breastmilk which might seem weird to some, but it is a really awesome experience. Here is the story...My friend in Arizona had twins a few months ago. They were born at 28 weeks and they were sick and in the NICU for a while. One of the girls, Britta, passed away almost a month after her birth. Cordelia continued to grow and become healthy. She was recently able to go home (YAY! That feeling is great!!!!). My friend really really wants to breastfeed, but she can't make enough milk. She has been working with a lactation specialist and has tried everything, but still has a hard time. Cord has a super hard time with formula, too. She tried to find a donor there, but had no luck. So she asked if I would donate. I have been excited to help and it is a really rewarding experience!!! It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. She is so strong and such great mother. I don't think I could function if I lost a child. At least not for a while. Also, I don't know if I would continue to pump if I could only make a few ounces a day. She is amazing!!! It is really neat to be apart of this.
On another note, recently I have been Spring cleaning. Organizing closets, drawers, wiping down the walls and getting every inch of dust kind of cleaning. It is intense, but I like a clean house! Anyways, Mattix woke up and is a sad baby, so I better go. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great March!

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  1. i took the kids to the store and once i put harrison and vito in, there's no room for the groceries! so we only go to kid friendly zones! i'm sorry you get lonely, winter is hard here in pocatello. i kinda like days where i don't have to go anywhere, cause i get a lot done at my house, but i get antsy too! if you ever want to go anywhere, mall, library, babysteps, mckees, arctic circle, etc., lemme know! we go places quite a bit and usually vito's better behaved if there are other kiddos around!