Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Should Probably Be Sleeping...

I played a few rounds of Solitare and thought, "Hey I should blog!". I don't know why I have such a hard time sleeping sometimes. Oh well..
Greg is sleep talking right now. I can't really understand everything he is saying, but it sounds like he is doing math because he is saying a bunch of numbers, haha. The other day Greg and I were talking about our blog and how people perceive us. How quite a few people don't know us well and mostly know what they read on our blog. I don't mean to make Greg sound like a sleep talking freak, but he does talk in his sleep. A lot! I really enjoy it to be honest. It is pretty entertaining. Especially on nights like this when I can't sleep, which is a common occasion. Every fast Sunday we have dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Thompsons and someone will share their life story. Last fast Sunday was my turn. I wonder what the family thinks of me now. I have experienced a large variety of things and they aren't all pretty. I really appreciate and have grown from my experiences and I really believe they have made me a better person. Anyways, I have been thinking a lot lately about perception and how people perceive things differently. I wonder how people perceive me.
My computer is going to die and the charger is across the room. I don't want to move and wake up Mattix, so I will have to make this short. Greg got accepted into the Pharmacy Program at ISU. Woot woot!!! I am soooo excited for him! I knew he would get in because he is so dang smart. I am so happy for him. His sister Lindsay got in also, so they will be able to go through the program together :) Way to go guys!
Mattix is sitting up by himself and teething and V is talking and signing more. It is so fun being a mom. I am so blessed. My kids have changed my life for the better and I love them so much! They bring me so much joy.

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