Wednesday, October 3, 2012

24 Weeks Pregnant Baby #3

Boy, oh boy, I am growing. I feel HUGE, and it is depressing when I think about how much longer I have to go. I try to remember this is the last time I will ever experience this, and that helps me enjoy it a tiny bit more. I wish I could think of a name for this baby. Greg and I have been thinking a lot about it, but haven't been able to think of any we really like. Hopefully we can soon! I read online that my uterus is the size of a soccer ball, haha. The baby has been breech for a few weeks, but I think she turned last night. This morning I woke up to her kicking my ribs instead of my butt LOL! I am excited, and I think that V and M will do well when the baby comes. V gets really excited when she sees babies, and is so soft with them. Anyways, things are going pretty well. I am supposed to be taking it easy, but it's really hard with my kids and Greg gone at school and work all day. It's sometimes stressful, but I am hanging in there. I wish I lived closer to my family. That way they could make us yummy meals and help with my kids and clean my house for me ;) hahahaha.

In case anyone is wondering, I am definitely carrying my phone in my shirt! What a mistake to have that become a habit. Vella sticks the toy phones in her shirt all the time, and it can be kind of embarrassing when she does it in front of certain people. Oh the things kids learn by observing you. V picks up on so many things that I don't realized until I see her repeat it. Good thing I don't have too many bad habits!


  1. Hang in there! Your kids are adorable and we know exactly what it's like with Greg gone all day and you're on your own so much. Believe it or not this time will go by quickly. Super cute kids makes it easier : ) We love you guys!!

    1. Thank you!! Too bad our families didn't live closer to each other because Liz and I could do play dates! We love you guys too :)