Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh, What a Week! 32 Weeks Pregnant Update

So, I had a Dr. appointment last Tuesday and it turns out I was in labor! I have been getting ultrasounds of my cervix to see how things are going (if that's TMI then you better stop reading there haha) and that's how they knew what was going on. I knew what I was looking for during the ultrasound, and when I didn't see it I was a little confused. The tech looked a little shocked and was like, "Uhh stay here and I will be right back. I need to talk to your midwife." I asked her what was going on and she was hesitant to tell me. I told her I had a good idea what was going on because I was familiar with the ultrasound, but it would be nice to have some clarity. She said that my cervix was completely thinned and the bag of waters was bulging. (Bag of waters-that almost always makes me chuckle!) I could hardly believe it! I was wheeled straight from my appointment to be admitted to the hospital. The Dr.'s office is in the same building as the hospital so that made things easy. I was put on medicine to postpone labor and also given steroid shots for the baby's lungs. The NICU nurses were in and out of the room setting up and it was kinda crazy. Everyone at first was telling me if they were able to stop labor from progressing then I would be stuck there until I was 36 weeks. The whole time I kept thinking about how I wouldn't be able to hang out with my kids and how sad I was about that! I was only having a couple contractions an hour and the Dr. said that it was probably just enough of that that caused things to be how they were. I was able to leave after a couple of days and put on meds and strict bed rest. Blah! I feel like I am constantly contracting, laying down or not, so this baby is probably coming sooner than later. I am glad that I was able to get the steroid shot and am also grateful for the extra time our baby girl has had to cook! Cindy has been taking care of my kids, and I am SO grateful for that. It makes me sad because I miss taking care of my kids and spending time with them. I also feel bad for Cindy!! I just try to remember this is will be a short time. Thank you to those who have helped us! We really appreciate it!

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