Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Trip to Moab

I went on a trip to Moab with Logan May 16-19. It was a pretty amazing experience that I will not soon forget. I will let the pictures do most of the story telling.

These first group of photos are from our campsite. We camped at one of the Kane Creek campsites. 

Part of Wall Street, the Colorado River is just behind those Bushes. 
More of Wall Street looking East.
This was right across the street from our campsite. Cool little structure that someone built under the rock overhang.

 Across the Colorado River from our campground there was this huge rock wall that extended forever. They call it Wall Street and it was equipped with some sport climbs so we would spend the evenings climbing.

This is Logan on a lead climb. There were only the two of us so all the pictures were taken once the person was in a safe spot to take a shot.
 This was my first lead climb, and wow, it is a lot more intense then just being top roped.

Lizards everywhere
 These are the only pictures I have of a ride we did called the Cliff Hanger, this was definitely a nasty spot. The camera doesn't really do it justice.

This is up on the Slick Rock area/Hells Revenge. We had a blast driving around and checking things out. I have never rode anything like that, it was a cool experience.

Some random bikers we saw working the slick rock.
This is the overlook where you can see the Colorado River from Hells Revenge
This is Hell's Gate on the Hells Revenge trail.
 This group of pictures is from Pritchett Canyon trail. We just drove about 5 miles up to the arches and hiked a mile or so then rode back the way we came. It was a pretty rugged ride but was a ton of fun.

If you look on this picture it doesn't look too gnarly, but it was! Two pictures below is me standing on that little rock you see on the picture directly below on the far left about center screen, where my leg is up. I think it helps bring a little more perspective to how gnarly these trails are. This was one of the 1st gnarly spots, it seemed as you continue up the trail they become more of them and more frequently until you finally get out of the canyon.

This arch or land bridge was found somewhere in the middle of the trail. We decided to hike up to it and eat some lunch.

 These are the arches at the end of Pritchett Canyon ride. Very beautiful scenery everywhere.

These next two are underneath the arch.

 These pictures are from Moab Rim, I didn't get any pictures looking over the city. There was a rally up there with over 60 side by sides and I didn't think to get a shot with all the commotion.

 Ya I am a wuss, I just crashed and smashed my knee like 100 yards before on a different rock so Logan was nice enough to ride my bike up this part (along with other nasty parts on different trails, I really admire Logan's abilities on the dirt bike and love to ride with him.)
 This is a cheese wiz can we tossed in the fire that decided to explode 5 minutes later and send coals in a 5 foot radius around our campfire.
This next slug of pictures is from a canyoneering experience we had with 3 guys we met who invited us to go with them: Jason Burgad, Nick Lacey, and Noah Johnson. We hiked from the Moab Sandy Flats campground area through a wash and eventually came to Morning Glory Arch. We rappelled down a 90 foot slot canyon then Logan and I did a double rappel off of morning glory Arch which was just shy of 100 feet. It was a pretty cool experience. I have a lot of pictures of this because I wasn't riding a motorcycle or climbing a rock. These early pictures are all the trail from the beginning but the trail after Morning Glory Arch is much more beautiful.

 The slot canyon form the top, you really can't see the bottom. I bet it would have been cool to have a GoPro as you rappelled down this.

 These are pictures of Logan dropping down the slot canyon rappel.

The rest of these pictures are when we arrived to Morning Glory arch, you can see Logan and I went 1st and we are getting ready to go on our rappel. Logan is on the far side and I am on the near side of the camera.

 This is from the bottom looking up and where my camera decided it wanted a charge before it would do anymore work.

This was a pretty amazing trip and I would love to go again. There are so many things you can do there. It seems like the possibilites are endless as you have Arches just north and Canyonlands just South with Dead Horse to the West and the Slick Rock and the La Sal's to the east. Pretty amazing place that I will have to go to again!

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