Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yard and garden 2013

Here is what our yard looks like so far this summer. 

This is our front yard, we have a bleeding heart, some petunias and some snap dragons. The marigolds didn't do so well.

This is our plum tree we planted two years ago. I accidentally mowed over it last year so it had to start over. We started it from a shoot up in my Grandpa Thompson's yard.
This is our peach tree and it looks like we will have about a dozen peaches this year. Not bad considering the frost.
Our grapes are doing really well this year. We are going to have more grapes then we will know what to do with.

Our apple tree keeps getting taller and taller. Unfortunately all the blossoms froze except one. Kind of strange huh.

Our raspberries have been doing amazing this year, we have already picked two cereal bowls full of them and they go as fast as we bring them in, the kids love them!

This is our cantaloupe, we have never grown these before so this is a new experience. We have a couple the size of softballs and some smaller ones. 

 Our Corn is doing really well, we are starting to see sprouts where the ears want to come out.
We have 3 tomato plants, they have not started making tomatoes but I imagine soon enough. 
Finally we have broccoli plants, which is also a first for us. I am not sure why it looks like it has gone to seed, but that is how it looked a couple of weeks after planting it. Also we have Anaheim peppers and jalapeño peppers.

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  1. Wow! You guys are amazing! Jason misses having a garden. I dont really miss all the weeds. But I think someday when we have a place I would do some raised garden beds. Your stuff looks great!! I bet it saves a little money too!