Friday, January 17, 2014

Holy Shamoly!

Well, I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged since September until a few weeks ago. Whoops! Things are going well. Not a whole lot has changed since September. A new semester of school started for Greg today! Time to get back on a good schedule with the kids. It's so awesome to have Greg home during the break. He is so helpful and it is really fun to spend time with him. I'm sad he will be back in school, because it means I'll hardly see him and I'll also be back to doing the single mom thing. It is nice to be back on a good schedule with my kids, though. It helps things go a lot smoother! He is such an awesome guy. I sure am lucky! He is such a great daddy, too. It melts my heart when he plays with the kids and holds and loves them. The kids are doing well. It is so strange to think that my oldest will be 4 this year. WEIRD!!!! She is talking lots, and is a hoot! Some of the things she says really crack me up. Today at the store she shouted she she couldn't fart. Lots of older women were around me and they looked at me like I was the mother of all evil. It was funny. V is also so sweet. Yesterday while I was making dinner the kids were being quiet so I went to check on them. Mattix and Brynn were in the bathroom making a huge mess. They emptied a box of tampons, a tin of bobby pins, and a box of like 50 pantyliners. I was disappointed, but couldn't clean the mess up because I was in the middle of dinner. I moved the kids out of the bathroom, and went back to making dinner. I was bummed when I thought about the mess that was waiting for me. I was almost done with dinner and V shouts, "All cleaned up, mom!". I was like, "Say whaaaa…?". I went and checked it out and she had picked up every single thing and put it in it's place. It was so great! She helps out a lot without me asking for help. She is really sweet about it. She is sweet with her siblings, too. They don't get along sometimes, like all siblings, but she really likes to take care of them. When Brynn gets too close to the stairs she will tell me. She likes to change Brynn's diapers, and she likes to help feed M and B. She is like a little mom. It's so fun. I could go on! She is a pretty cool girl. Mattix is getting big! He is talking more too! He and V can both almost say the ABC's by themselves. He LOVES to sing. I love to listen to him. His favorite songs are the ABC's, the wheels on the bus, and twinkle twinkle little star. He knows almost every word! He also loves stickers. I made activity packs for the car that had stickers in it. Every time we got in the car he asked for it, and when we got to our designation he would end up with stickers all over his face, haha. It was hilarious. Every day he asks me for stickers, because he likes them so much. He also likes to dance! We watched this barbie ballet movie and he has some moves! I was shocked! So I started dancing with him and he is pretty good. I love that little man! Brynn's getting big. I think she will be walking soon. She starting pulling herself up to stand for a couple weeks, and when I was at Rachel's house she started cruising along furniture. She is a tiny thing! Im not even sure she weighs 18 lbs yet. Makes it kind of nice for me since she wants me to hold her all the time :) She is a feisty one! The other day she had something of Mattix's that he wanted back. He tried to take it back and she screamed and bit him. I was so surprised that I wanted to laugh! She is a little fire cracker. She sure loves her mommy, which is okay with me especially since she is my last! She always wants to be by me. She will do okay with other people as long as she can't see me. She is starting to warm up to her daddy, which is nice! I'm doing well. Just doing the mom thing, which is awesome of course! I love it. Sometimes it's hard. Some days I sleep so little or am so stressed life feels like a dream. Its definitely a unique feeling! I look forward to living by my family. Maybe with their help life will feel a little less dream like. Or maybe when my kids are older I'll be able to sleep more or not be so stressed. Who knows. We shall see!
Our chuggie cat is doing well, too. Tries to eat our new fish sometimes, but other than that she just chills and my kids love her. In fact she and v are cuddling on the couch right now. 


  1. Alexis! You are such a great mom! Sorry your not getting enough sleep...but even with not getting enough sleep you always look amazing! And your kids do too :) Case does that same thing as Brynn... he is fine with someone else holding him as long as he doesn't see me. Well I hope you guys are doing good! How much longer is Greg in school for?