Saturday, October 4, 2014

Leadore 2014


"This is a jam sandwich, a piece of bread jammed between two others."

The raccoons are amongst us. 

Look closely, we spotted a Sasquatch. 

This next group of photos is Logan riding my Magnum 500 down the rock slide to Devil's Lake. He rode it down and out like a boss, no problems. Save a lot of hiking!

Fishing with my buddy!

This is Alexis with the same hairstyle and even wearing the same shirt that she wore in 2007, the first time that we went to Leadore together!
7 years later and now there are 3 more of us. Good luck tying to get this group to all look at the camera. You pick your favorite. 

 Ya, Dad and I really did chop down a dead tree with an axe. A bit more work then we imagined but well worth it!

The ladies were having a dance off!

Stroud Lake. Not the biggest lake, but the mountain behind it makes it one of the most scenic in my mind!

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