Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Mountain Biking Goals

I have been working on a list of goals I wanted to achieve for 2015. Some of these involve mountain biking and I thought I would post them here to hold myself more accountable.

1) Enter and compete in a Mountain Biking Race.
2) Ride over 1000 trail miles
3) Climb over 200,000 feet elevation
4) Take my wife up City Creek

They are pretty simple goals. I believe if I stay dedicated I could easily get over 1,000 trail miles. I added the elevation part to make sure that my miles were actually trail miles, because road miles add up quick but usually don't give you much elevation gain.

2014 biking statistics according to Strava
63 total rides
598 total miles
84:05:44 total riding time
7.11 mi/hr average riding speed
81,686 ft total elevation
22 mi longest ride

I also added a Strava (the website I use to keep track of my rides) gadget on the bottom right of this site. I hope you enjoy.

These are some pictures from my ride up City Creek on Jan 1st.

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