Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Arizona

Driving around in Arizona. That shirt was a score for Greg!
This is at Uncle Johns place - group photo.We saw the temple lights at the Mesa Temple.
Alexis playing the piano for Isaac.

We had a great time in Queen Creek Arizona with family and friends. We got there Saturday evening and Mama C made us some chicken enchiladas for dinner. We stayed in a bed in an extra room at the Corbitts place. Alexis had traffic school and Greg visited the Hemstreets. Thanksgiving was amazing with the awesome food. The whole week went by way to fast and the ride home was a mess.

The road just south of Panguitch was really slick and the snow was coming down. We lost control going forty down a hill and flew off into sixty foot ditch. We we rattled a little bit with no major injuries. The car has some major rear end body work that needs to be done and the passanger front tire was torn off of the wheel but we were able to get that to reseal. We filled it up and I did some test drives and felt it was the best thing to do is drive it. Jay came and arrived right after I test drove the car and escorted us back to Nephi. He was such a stud to spend almost 7 hours driving for us. We crashed at his house and finished our journey home sunday morning. The car ran like normal but just looks bad.

This is where they pulled the car up with the tow truck. It took over 2 hours by the time this had happened but we were grateful. The highway patrol let us sit in his car while we waited. Everyone was super cool and one emt gave us his number and offered to stay at his place for the night if we needed to. Needless to say it made for an expensive trip but we are so grateful that we didn't get majorly hurt and that the car was able to drive back to Idaho. We love our purple beast and it takes good care of us (maybe we should take better care of it.)

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  1. I'm glad you guys are okay jealous you saw the Mesa Temple lights!