Sunday, November 29, 2009

Visit to Grandpa Johns

This contraption is where we crushed up some rocks that Grandpa had mined. It grinded them up into powder - a red powder.

Pouring the powder into the funnel put it across this vibrating water board which seperated the gold from the rest of the debris. You can see the red sand being sifted in the picture. We didn't get any more pictures but when it was all said and done grandpa gave us some gold dust that was mined out of the rocks. We had a great time at grandpa's place checking out his granden and playing with the animals. Bert took special attention to Alexis and kept rubbing his head on her legs. Perhaps its because she is pregnant?

This crazy cow kept sticking its tounge out and was making us laugh.

PS. Greg was checking out Grandpa's grapes and grabbed the fence and was shocked. Even Grandpa laughed at that one. After we left we decided that if we had a boy we would name him after Grandpa. (Lincoln John Thompson)

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