Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Belly Pic!

Well this is me, 17 weeks pregnant.

Sorry we haven't added any in a while. We left the camera at Greg's parents house and we kept forgetting to grab it while we were there! So here you go...another belly picture! My belly is getting big! Pregnancy is quite the fun adventure. We are going to find out what we are having in two weeks!! We are super excited!! We moved the office downstairs so the nursery is ready to put together! Last night we got a pack and go playpen with a changing station for really cheap on craigslist! I love craigslist! I just wish the selection for Eastern Idaho was more like the one in Mesa, Arizona. You can find ANYTHING you want there for really inexpensive. There are tons and tons of things listed every hour of every day. However, we live in I should probably stop dreaming the craigslist will become like the one in Mesa :) School is keeping us busy. I have been sick the past couple days with a bad cold or something. It's not too fun but oh well..hopefully I get over it fast!! Greg applied at the Costco pharmacy and was told he will be called for an interview this week. We are excited and hopeful that he will get the job. Wish him luck!!

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  1. Cute little belly! It was fun to see you guys this last weekend.