Monday, January 25, 2010

Ramblings of the night.

Well it is late at night and I felt the need to post on the blog.

Alexis and I have been really sick this past week but we are getting better thank goodness, unfortunately it took a much bigger toll on Alexis then on me. I wish I had some magic juju beans to feed her that would make her all better. What am I saying? I wish I had magic juju beans to sell and make everyone better - healthcare is priceless, I could make a "killing."

Speaking of killing, school is killing me. Chemistry is so confusing and my professor is not one to relate to the students. Nice guy just hard to understand. I think he would rather be smoking pot. He told us "I was born one generation too early, actually I am a product of the generation I should be in." I really don't even care that he has a gigantic mullet, I will get a picture of and post on here hopefully, just as long as I can understand the concepts and do well on the standardized test. Biology is a struggle to, which, once again, I will blame on the teacher (I am good at passing the blame because there is no way it could be me, right?). We have a grad-student teacher... who... is... well lets just say, hard to understand. Wish me luck on that. Alexis and I have history together and our professor is a bit odd but the expectations are clear and most of it is on moodle so that should be nice, not to mention I will get to spend time studying with my best friend.

Less then two weeks and we find out what sex... er gender (political correctness) our baby is. I am really excited, it seems so crazy to think we are going to have a little nugget. We have been slowly stocking up on baby supplies (like we really know what we are doing?) but it is a lot of fun finding steals on craigslist. Blessed craigslist - its a shame more people don't utilize such a glorious website.

Well I feel like going to bed but I figured I should put a plug in for my sister (remaining anonymous to conceal identity for my own peculiar purposes) because of her blog it inspired me to write in mine. I guess I always looked at Alexis and I's blog as a picture gallery but I figured, Wambargal! My sister can write her thoughts and its actually interesting so why can't I?


  1. Good ramble, Greg! It's fun to hear details of your life. Hope you both feel better soon! Interesting to hear those profs at ISU haven't changed much since I was or so years ago.

  2. Thanks for the post! It's fun to read ramblings. That's how we get to know what you're up to. Hang in there with those classes. David started out school thinking he wanted to take the medical route, but the classes were hard and he didn't enjoy it. Can't wait to find out what you're having! So exciting! Your little "nugget" is going to be so cute!