Sunday, July 25, 2010

I was reading what Greg had blogged on the way to Park City, and I wanted to get one thing straight... "We" did not paint the kitchen cabinets. Greg did it as a surprise when I was in Arizona! When Vella and I flew into Salt Lake Greg kept telling me about how messy the kitchen was and how he was trying to organize so everything was out of the drawers, etc. I was kinda bummed thinking about having to clean that all up. We got home and to my surprise the cabinets were painted white and the kitchen was super clean!!! Greg did an awesome job!! Our kitchen looks great and that was the best surprise.
Our trip to Park City was a lot of fun. It was so nice to see all of the family! I look forward to seeing them again for Vella's Baby Blessing.
Oh.. and my baby weight is coming off. I am so happy! I thought it would be a lot harder to lose. I guess I am just lucky. 46 lbs down 12 to go


  1. 46 lbs WHAT THE DEVIL WOMAN! Teach me the ways!

  2. um...HELLO! So you are one of those lucky girls that the weight just falls off....jealous. You look great. It was so good to see you guys in Park City. Little Vella is so sweet. We will see you next weekend.

  3. 1st you have to get pregnant Lindsay, that is part of the ways.