Monday, July 19, 2010

No Blogging

Well we have been keeping busy but not blogging it. Alexis went to Arizona for 2 weeks to help her mom out and show Vella to her family. She had a good time and I am sure she will blog some of the pictures and what not why she was there. When she was gone I worked in Grand Teton National park and Jackson hole a lot but while I was home I painted the kitchen cabinets white. I will get a picture now that I have the camera back. Mom and Grandma Whiting came over and refinished our kitchen table and it looks amazing, like a whole different table. I wish I had some before and after pictures to contrasts the difference. After work today I will take some pictures of things and update the world. I received a call from Jay the other day asking about my garden, I guess I could slap a couple of pictures of that up also.

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