Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reblogged from the Griffin's Blog when they visited us

Joey and Vayann and their wonderful children, Josie and Landon, visited us for a couple of days. The first pictures are at Brooklyn's playground with the Taylors and then some more at McKee's petting zoo and at our home. These pictures were stolen from Vayann's blog which can be viewed at http://vayann-and-joeys.blogspot.com/
Thanks, it was a lot of fun!
Brooklyn's Playground at O.K. Ward Park old Greg
 Mattix and Landon 
 Vella and Kenzie
 Mattix chilling in the stroller
 Mattix and Landon loved swinging together
 Alexis and Landon
 You have to love the wide open smiles that boy gives!
 Greg and Vella riding a bucking bronco
 Alexis and Vayann at Brooklyn's Playground
 Momma and Mattix at McKee's petting zoo
 Vella looking for escaped goats
 Vella and Momma
 Vella and Josie having a tea party
Vayann and Alexis in our newly painted kitchen

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