Wednesday, August 22, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant

It looks like I am totally groping myself. Well, I am. Not intentionally though! :) I started progesterone shots to prevent early labor a few weeks ago. I had contractions for a couple of days and started getting pretty crampy so I decided to call my doctor. They told me to come in and they scheduled an ultrasound  to check out my cervix. That was really fun..not! Sure enough baby girl was head down and things were changing, so they started me on the shots. It's only once a week so it's not too bad, but they make my butt sore! haha. They also told me to do light bed rest, which is pretty much impossible with a 1 and 2 year old. Luckily, Greg got his volunteer hours done and has been helping a ton! I don't know what I will do when he goes back to school next week. The progesterone shots do seem to help. Mattix is getting three molars in and has been a sad boy, so I picked him up a few times yesterday. What a mistake! I was thinking that because I was feeling better I could pick him up and be fine. I am paying for it today. I want this baby to stay in for quite a bit longer so no more of that! Mattix is a big boy by the way. He is three pounds lighter than V! I think he will outgrow her someday soon :) Greg was able to feel the baby  move a couple of days ago. I was really excited about it!!! This baby is still quite the mover. I am totally loving it!
I have to get going, but I'll update more later. V has been dragging Mattix across the room and he has finally had enough


  1. You have the most perfectly beautiful pregnant body!

  2. You are way too nice. I feel freakin huge already!!!