Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hwy 89 collapse 25 miles South of Page

So I am sitting in class today and my wife sends me a text telling me about the road collapsing. I showed a class mate the picture and he thought it was photo shopped. This is the route we always take when we head to Arizona - guess we won't be able to go for awhile, or better yet, we will have to go through VEGAS!!!

Looks like the road dropped about 4 feet, though it is hard to really tell by some of these photos. Arizona Geological Survey says that about 150 foot section of the road collapsed around 5 am today. It is part of a larger slump probably comprising the Petrified Forest Member of the Triassic Chinle Formation.
(note: this is the tentative position on Google earth - its near mile marker 526)

One of my favorite past times, especially since I sprained my foot, is to look up areas where we could potentially live after I graduate. Page has crossed my mind and there are many things I like about that area. I am also craving doing some hiking/backpacking, really ready for this semester to be over and give me a break. I want to hike the hill and take the kids and wife up as often as possible. It will be awesome to explore now so when they get older we will know places to take them.

Page, fix your road so we can come to Arizona and now have to drive an extra 2 hours. 

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