Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Poop

I thought I should blog about my day. Just so I can look back and remember these good times, and maybe in the FAR future I will look back and laugh about it.
So greg works IV shifts this weekend, so he is gone from 5:30 am to 2:30 pm. Usually these are the days my kids decide to be psycho banshee's. I woke up smiling, and ready to start a great day. I heard the kids get up and play. They sounded happy, so I decided to feed Brynn before making them breakfast. I walked into there room to find V making special Valentine's Day art for me, with her poop. That's right...her poop. Not to mention her carpet is the same color of her poop so I really had to dig around to clean it up. I stood for a second and looked at the mess, while trying to decide what to do. Mattix still sleeps in his crib, so thankfully he wasn't able to get out and help V with her masterpiece. I cleaned Vella up the best I could without bathing her, and went to town in her room. Meanwhile, Brynn and Mattix were crying. blah. I got V and M settled down and held Brynn while I made eggs, the request this morning. I fed the kids, and was planning on bathing them after Brynn went to sleep. Which took for freaking ever! Someone called me about Vella's preschool next year, so I talked to her while trying to calm Brynn. My mother in law called on the other line, but I didn't answer it because I was on the phone with someone from the school. A few minutes later someone knocked at my door.i thought it was my mother in law, since she had just called, so I hurried and opened it. It was the Jehovah's Witness's. you know how usually there are just a couple people who come? Well this time there were like four or five. A lady looked shocked when she saw me and had a hard time finding her words for a minute or two. I didn't realize why until I looked down and saw I was in my underwear. Oh sheesh! I hurried and hid behind the door and said not interested, and finished talking on the phone. Brynn had settled down, finally. I took my older kids to the tub and started a bath. We keep big cups in there to rinse their hair. I put Mattix in the tub and he proceeded to dump the huge cup of water full all over me and the floor. I grabbed the cup from him and he got mad and threw another thing full of water all over me and the floor. Right at this moment Brynn started crying. I hurried and bathed Mattix, unplugged the water and put him in his crib for a nap. I gave Brynn her binki and went back to bathe V as quickly and as thoroughly as I could clean that poopy girl. Brynn stopped crying by the time I was done, so I did Vella's hair and got dressed, finally. Brynn started crying again, so I picked her up out of her swing, and realized she had a blowout. Poop everywhere. What's the deal with poop today!!?? I cleaned her up and fed her. The whole morning I was trippin about having the house clean so Greg could get around easily. He is gimpy for those of you who don't know. He sprained his ankle really badly. He is in a big fat boot for two more weeks. Sucker!! Okay, maybe I'm the sucker because he has to use my car because he cannot drive a stick shift anymore. I hate driving Greg's car and all of my kids don't fit in it. Anyways, the rest of my day has been similar to this morning. Once I had a moment to sit, I felt like finding those Jehovah's Witness's and apologizing. Then I decided no way!! Maybe they won't ever come back to the crazy naked lady's house with rabid kids anymore.
Good day.

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