Friday, February 8, 2013

Naked 18 Month Old and More, Oh My!

I dislike blogging. I'd rather be doing other things! I know my family appreciates it, so i do it anyways. They live a few states away and we only see them a few times a year. Greg asks me to blog rather often and I want him to be happy, too. I don't know why I dislike blogging so much. Probably because I feel like not many people look at it, and it's takes a lot of time. I sometimes think ill do a quick blog, and then i get sucked into talking about our awesome family, haha. Is that depressing, lol. Sometimes I don't mind as much, but I don't want to right now, but I want to post these funny pictures of Mattix, so I'm going to anyway!!
So Matti boy doesn't like to wear clothes. At all. There is one single shirt he is not able to take off, all the others he takes off the minute they go on! Even onesies. He either pulls at them so hard they come undone, or he takes his arms out of them and slips it off. He is crazy! He can even wiggle his way out of jackets. He is a funny boy, that loves to be naked. Anyways, the other day he was napping and when I went into his room to find him he was butt naked wearing my red sunglasses (that the kids have claimed). He must have reached through the bars on his crib into the toy box, and grabbed them out. I'm so glad he didn't pee everywhere!!! It was so funny, and the best part was he was ecstatic!
Vella has been potty training. She is amazing!!!! I haven't pushed her at all. The first day I asked her if she wanted to go every half an hour and helped her. I kept her in undies that day and she peed in all of them so the next day I put her in pull ups. The day after that she started going whenever she felt like it and only had two wet pull ups, one when she napped and one when she pooped! She hasn't figured that out yet...that poop goes in the potty. We will get there. Anyways she is doing really well and I'm excited. I thought since I am posting my naked boy, ill post V's potty picture, baha. Why not. Maybe I should post brynns bath picture, but maybe not since you can see more in those.
Brynn is growing quickly. Makes me a little sad that I probably won't experience this again. (We're done having kids!) I will have to wait until my kids have babies. Hahaha, it's funny to me I'm already thinking about that!! Brynn is super sweet and loves to be held. She is happy when she is next to someone. Especially me, but that's probably because I have boobs.
Anyways, things are good. Mega busy. It's hard to keep up with my kids. I feel like i go go go and it looks like I do nothing around my house. It's sad, but this will be a short time.
Oh, and the picture of Vella's mouth full of food is what Vella took. She takes a billion pictures every time she plays with the iPad. Okay ....not a billion, but yesterday she took a little over 400. No joke! Sometimes the pictures are funny, but usually they are of the wall or her feet.
I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I cut my hair. I wasn't sure what it thought of it at first, and then I decided I loved it. It's so much easier to take care of. It's great!!
Can hardly believe Greg and I will have been married for four years next month. I love that man so much!!

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