Friday, May 25, 2012

Love these kids!

Mattix has the cutest cheeks! We get so many comments when people see this chunky little mans cheeks! 
 It is funny to watch him sleep, he will lay in the craziest positions. We have a swing and he leans out of it half way, it is pretty wild. I will have to get a picture next time he does it.
 Yesterday Vella was eating some of Jessie Arnold's taco soup she brought over and made a mess in the kitchen. I was cleaning it up and when I went to get her she was cleaning both her ears out at once. Alexis told me to go get the camera so I did and she was being a ham for the camera.
 You have to love them, even with the messy faces.
I was trying to get the videos off of our camera onto my mac but I cannot figure out how. Anyway it has a preview picture for each movie and I saw this picture and thought I would add it too. Vella and Tata (I think that is how you spell it, I googled it and it said it was spanish for daddy, papa) Corbitt.

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  1. Oh so cute those little babies you have! Love them to pieces I do.
    Love Gramma Thompson